Quillig Tools 2

Quilling toolsQuilling tools

Noo, you don’t need all of them to make gorgeous things from your paper strips, but sometimes they can be life severs! A few days a go I showed this picture on my fb page and I was asked to name all of them. Here we go:

1. Angled Tweezers – perfect for gluing gemstones,

2. Scoring Tool – to score card stock ,

3. Crimping Machine – great for crimping paper strips,

4. Bulldog Clip – for fringing,

5 – 8. Wooden Dowels – for making perfect circles,

9 – 11. – Acrylic Brushes – for varnishing,

12. Acrylic Gemstones – to make your projects shiny,

13. Paper Knife – for cutting cardstock and paper strips,

14. Onion Holder / Quilling Comb – to make beautiful flowers and leaves,

15. Needle Tweezers – get to places where other tweezers can’t reach,

16. Quilling Paper – for fun,

17. Glue Applicator – to make your work and to avoid sticky fingers,

18. Scissors – cut, cut, cut,

19. Slotted Quilling Tool – for shaping,

20. Quilling Needle – to make spirals.

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