Quilling Tools

Quilling tools
Slotted tool and quilling needle

Quilling Tools

This time I wanted to show you some of my “quilling gadgets”. You can live without them, but it makes your quilling easier 🙂

Let’s get started!

  • Slotted tool – provides the ability to quickly and easily produce tight coils. You can always DIY. (picture above)
  • Quilling needle – allows you to make small centres in rolls and it can be very useful when making spirals. (picture above)
Quilling tool


  • Tweezers – extremely useful for assembling your pieces before and after gluing (especially when they fall with the glue side down).
quilling tools
Quilling Board
  •  Quilling Board – is perfect for creating uniform and off-centered  circles and for making 3D flowers. 
quilling tools
Fringing machine
  • Fringing Machine – Fast and easy way to make your fringe flowers and animals.
quilling tools
Mini mould and curling couch
  • Mini Mould – Perfect for 3D, transforms flat tight coils into perfect domes.

Till next time!


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  1. I’m from Argentina and I can’t find a fringing machine. You have sending service ?

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