Christmas Countdown

Christmas countdown

Christmas Countdown

It’s THE time of the year, when WE people going mad, because it’s CHRISTMAS! Despite of my rush hours, I finally found some time for my blog. If you ever thought that I abandoned it… NOT TRUE!! Just didn’t have much time now. I’m still quilling and if you haven’t seen my Angel card, yet, here it is:

Christmas countdownThis picture reminds me of what one of the university professors told us, that angels are unisex, and you know what? I agree with him, but still love to make them, even you have no idea if it is Mr or Mrs angel 😉

Have a great time with your thin paper strips!


Ps. Please do not copy my designs. I’m sorry that I have to add this note, but more and more people are trying to sell my work under theirs names 🙁

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