Wedding Owls

Wedding Owls

Wedding Owls

Whoo hoo hoo, we getting married!! ( You can choose from the other owl sounds: whoo, hoo, woo or hoot. I have no idea which is correct). Some time ago I made a series of bird wedding cards, and this is one of them. I still remember how I was trying to make the branch, but a few cards later it’s extremely simple (because I know how to make it, and I know what exactly I want to make 😉 )Wedding owls The easiest part of this owls were the eyes!! I knew that I wanted to make them in a heart shape, but you know, this was another catch!! When you have the tight coil it isn’t so easy to make the heart shape but it’s so easy to flatten them 😉 So be careful!

Wedding owls

Every single part of this pattern is made from 3 mm quilling paper strips, even the tiny rose you can see on the bride 🙂

I don’t like to do this but if you’re using some of my patterns, please leave the link to my work on your web page and please don’t sale it. I know that my cards looks very easy to make, but sometimes it’s not so easy to come up with such a simple design 🙂 Thank you for understanding!!

Here you can find more of my Wedding Cards and if you want to try something different here you have my Pinterest board with quilling tutorials.


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