Ho, ho, ho!!! Merry Kissmas quilled stick people

Ho, ho, ho!!! There are only 50 days until Christmas!!! Hmm, maybe that’s why my quilled couple is still kissing instead of arguing.

I know my paper filigree stick people plotting an evil plan: Whose Christmas tree will be the biggest in the neighbourhood!!


Noo!! They just want to be the sweetest quilling couple ever!!

Hugs Iza

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    1. Thank you Nagela 🙂 I wasn’t sure is this a good move, but I hadn’t choice . Glad that you like both the card and the blog!!! Hugs Iza

  1. I am contemplating the same move so my url will be the same as my new name (I changed from cards by cheryl to a paper {life} last year). I was afraid to move too but now you have inspired me. Still love love love your stick people….and all the rest of your quilling.

    thanks for taking us along on your quilling journey Iza

    1. Changing everything is risky, but who does not risk does not have 🙂 I had to change my name, because no one can pronounce ‘Szalonaisa’ Now it’s easier (I hope so). Thank you Cheryl, your comments mean alot to me! and thank you for joining to my quilling journey 🙂

  2. What type of paper do you usually use???because in my case, I just use anything colored..While looking at your quilled stick figures, I can’t help but notice that the paper used looks thick and I kinda like it 😉

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