Floral Wedding Congratulations Card

Floral Wedding Congratulations Card

Floral wedding congratulations cardFloral Wedding Congratulations Card

The time has come!I made this card a while ago but you know the rues of wedding gifts. It has to be hidden to THE DAY. All the best for Emer and Cathal!!

Floral wedding congratulations card

As I mention in my earlier posts I love the look of 3D cards. They look great with quilled flowers. Maybe because they do not have to stay flat and they look more vivid/real.

floral wedding congratulations card

This card is another from my boxed card series. Looks more elegant and it is much more safer to transport ( unless you have to watch out for delicate paper flowers on a box. Oooops 😉 ). Anyway any trouble is worth it. This is one of a kind gift!

Floral wedding congratulations card

Flowers are made of 1 mm paper strips. Except the big salmon one. It is made of standard 3 mm strips. Card is a standard A6 size. The box is made of 2 A5 size sheets of 220 gsm card stock. Here you can find my tutorial how to make a box for a card.

Ps. If you are wondering why I made another card in pink… do not ask me 😉 Maybe because this year, summer is not summer… We have loads of rain and wasps. I miss the sun and colours. Especially the bright ones!

Have a great day!





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