Making Card Boxes Tutorial

Making Card Boxes TutorialMaking Card Boxes Tutorial

Hello All!

I know I promised this tutorial a loooong time ago and finally it’s HERE! Hope it will be nice and easy one 🙂Making Card Boxes Tutorial

This tutorial is for small A6 card box ( it should work with any size you will need. Simply use bigger cardstock).

To make this box you will need:

1. Double sided sellotape / fast drying glue e.g. bookbinding glue,

2. sharp scissors,

3. embossing tool / scoring tool,

4. ruler ( metal one if you have mine is without scale ( I had to use two rulers 😉 ),

5. A4 cardstock for A6 sized box or smaller ones!

Bottom of the box

box for a card

I’m trying to keep things simpler than they are, so to make bottom of the box for exact card I’m using exact card to take measurements.

box for cards tutorial

Normally I’m using my scoring or embossing tool to make nice and invisible lines. this time I wanted to show you where the edges are.

how to make a box tutorial1

This is your box after adding some sides. To be more specific this is 2 cm height box. Now all you need is scarring and glueing.

box for a card 2

This is the bottom of the box after scoring 🙂 Now you need a bit of glue or double sided sellotape …

tutoriar box for card

and ta dah! The bottom of the box is ready! Now you have to make a top for the box 🙂 Don’t forget to add extra 0,3 mm to the bottom of the top! Otherwise you will have to bottoms instead of bottom and a top!

Top of the box:

how to make a box tutorial12

Cut it, score it and..

box for card tutorial

and use the punch to make nice cut for fingers It will help to open the box.

box tutorialNow your box is ready! You can decorate it as you wish 🙂 Have fun!



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  2. Honey's Quilling 22/07/2015 at 2:10 PM Reply

    Great tutorial! It can be so expensive to buy a proper box for shipping 3D cards in.

    • szalonaisa 23/07/2015 at 10:10 AM Reply

      Thank you Honey, I’m not good at making any tutorials 😉 Glad you like this one! Unfortunately you’re right boxes for 3D cards are too expensive but they’re very easy to make 🙂

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