Quilled New Job Greeting Card

Quilled New Job Greeting Card

Quilled New Job Greeting Card

Hello All,

If I only have more time for everything and anything… It is like it is and hopefully it will be a better year for my quilling and my blog! Anyway I will do my best 😀Quilled New Job Greeting Card

This time I made a completely new card for a completely new job. I never made one, simply because  there was no need… After a big brain storm  and a few ideas everything was clear. It had to be a fairy with a for leaves clover. After all everything is about a good luck and starting something new and better.

Quilled New Job Greeting Card

Here it is my gorgeous blond fairy. Of course with a four leaves clover. The fairy is made of 3 mm paper strips. Wings are made of wonderful mulberry paper ( which is so thin, that you have to be careful not to destroy it). I think she looks better this way. I tried to make the wings from the paper strips, but I failed. Maybe next time I will have a better idea how to reconcile hands with wings. Not an easy task!

And yes, I change my standard loose coil for a face, on a tight one. Looks good and I love this little bangs to the side. Definitely will make more stick people like this 😀

Thank you Cheryll!


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  1. Cheryl Scanks 09/02/2016 at 9:40 PM Reply

    anytime my dear….hope you are well.

  2. szalonaisa 07/03/2016 at 7:06 PM Reply

    I am a busy bee right now. Thanks Cheryl 🙂

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