Paper Quilling Basic Tools

Paper quilling basic tools
Variety of quilling slotted tools

Paper Quilling Basic Tools

Paper quilling is cheap, easy and very time consuming  form of craft/art. YES, that is correct! All you need is a toothpick cut in half ( 1/5 cut in half to be more precisely )  and some nice and colourful printer paper but… there is always but. If you are looking for something more comfortable then a toothpick, you my find this post very useful.During my very short carrier as a quiller I was lucky enough to collect some  slotted quilling tools ( see picture above). Nope I am not using them all 🙂

paper quilling basic tools

They are called slotted tools because each has a teeny tiny slot. As you can see different tool has a different slot and this is a story for another post 🙂 These small slots helps in making circles. All you have to do is put the paper strip into the slot and roll it up.

paper quilling basic tools
Circle Sizes

Our next little helper is called circle sizer. If you are not comfortable with making same sized circles with your fingers. This is something for you. Say bye bye to uneven coils 😀

Paper quilling basic tools
Quilling Board with Husking section

Our next friend is quilling board. As you can see on the picture it will help you in making different shapes and sizes. It even has a pattern for husking ( top right corner ). This one is a fancy quilling board and to be honest I am a bit scared of it.

paper quilling basic tools
Regular Quilling Board

Here you have simpler version of quilling board. It will help you in making different size of circles as well as you can try to make some eccentric coils. You can use pins on quilling boards. No worries this cork background can handle a lot. Your pins, glue even inks 🙂 If you flip over your quilling board you will find more cork workspace.

If you are not bored yet, I would like yo show you the rest of my maybe not so basic quilling tools.
Lets start with a curling coach which is very helpful if you are planing to roll extra large tight coils for making domes.

Scissors, the smaller the better. Mine are about 10 cm long.

Needle point tweezers are perfect for putting small objects together.

Needle tool is very handy if you are planing to make small springs.




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