Parachute 30 Birthday Card

Parachute 30 Birthday CardParachute 30 Birthday Card

Have you ever dreamed about the parachute jump?? No?? What a shame! This should be perfect gift for 30 birthday. I told you! You don’t have to be brave or crazy, sometimes all you need is a small gift from your friends or family.This Birthday card was made to order and it was a quite challenging  ( especially all the lines ) but who doesn’t like challenges.

Parachute 30 Birthday Card

I love them!!! But shush, I have a fear of heights… That’s why this 30 Birthday card would be a good gift for me.

Parachute 30 Birthday Card

1,2,3…. NOW JUMP!!!! AAAAAAAAAA….. (I think I may wet my panties ;))

Happy quilling,



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  1. Ha, ha, ha 😛 Now I have a coffee on the monitor 🙂 Gordana you’re the one and only!! Thank you!

  2. this looks awesome 😀
    My friend’s turning 30 next month .. i would love to make something like this for him 😀 thanks for sharing 😀

    1. You’re welcome Rajlakshmi 🙂 (if you will show your card somewhere over the internet, just tell people that my card was an inspiration for you:)). Thank you 🙂

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