Earthy Thank You Card

Earthy Thank You Card

earthy thank you cardEarthy Thank You Card


It’s time for a new post! I was trying to make nice photos, but without a nice daylight it is like it is. Recently I started using more card stock to make my cards, and it’s really nice experience 🙂 I have no idea if you will like it but I love the end result!Earthy thank you cardIn reality the colours are more vibrant, but as it turned out red isn’t the only colour hard to capture in pictures. You know bad workman always quarrels with his tools 😉

Earthy Thank You cardHope you can see the details 🙂 This card is made from recycled and acid free card stock,  and I really enjoyed playing with it.

Have a great day!


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  1. another perfect card Iza. I know what you mean about the daylight. Often my pictures look blue because it’s so drab outside.

    love your earthy card

  2. Hahaha, mine are yellow… and very dark … Thank you Cheryl I just discovered something completely differed 🙂

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