Grandparents Day Card

Grandparents Day Card

Grandparents Day cardGrandparents Day Card

Hello All,

today we have such a nice, and almost Spring day, that I decided to show you more of my fringed flowers 🙂  This card was made not exactly for Grandparents but for Grand Grandparents! They also love cards 🙂Grandparents Day As you can see on the picture, there are several types of fringed flowers. The big one ( yellow) is a double fringe flower and if you look closely you will find double colour flower! Unfortunately I do not have the fringing machine, and all the flowers were cut by hand. It was a lot of cutting but it was for grand grandparents!! So it had to be done with love 😉

Grandparents Day cardSpring we miss you!! Where are you!!!

Here you can find a fringing tutorial

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    1. I’m not using my fringing machine, it’s broken 🙂 I always preferred my teeny tiny scissors 🙂


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