Quilled Mini Sunflowers Picture

Quilled Mini Sunflowers Picture

quilled mini sunflowersQuilled Mini Sunflowers Picture

Just realized that I wasn’t here for a while.. A very looong while.. But you know life 😉

This time I wanted to show you my quilled mini sunflowers. Correct there are MINI sunflowers each is 4cm x 4 cm .

quilled mini sunfloweras you can see on the picture they aren’t very big or my hand must be gigantic 😀

Centres are made from fringed black and brown strips rolled together in a tight coil. Also from 3 mm paper strips. Next time I will try 2 mm strips for petals I think this wide is more suitable from 3D flowers.

quilled mini sunflowersVase is made from heavy card stock.

Everything is glued to a very special acid free background.

Quilled mini sunflowersThe whole picture is mounted in a nice frame. So now you can hang my sunflowers in your kitchen 😀

If you want to see more of my wall art just click here.

Thank you for your visit 😀


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