Wedding Anniversary

Wedding AnniversaryWedding Anniversary

This time it’s ’11 years together’, wow it’s a looong time, hope it’s not too early to show you this card. My stick people become quite popular these days, but the truth is, that without Suzana’s help , probably I would never made them. Thank you!

Wedding anniversary

When I’m looking on this pictures, I’m starting to think that some elves were involved in making process. Hmm, maybe my hands aren’t that big after all 🙂

Wedding anniversary

Yep, I was talking about my mini rose which is made from 3 mm paper strip… Maybe it’s time to make something bigger, let say from 5 mm paper strip! Nope! I’ve always made mini versions of everything! Even my handwriting is so small, that you can’t read it without magnifying glass 😉 ( if you can read it at all 😉 ).

Here you have more of my anniversary cards.

Enjoy your weekend!


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