Craft Glue Story

Craft Glue Story

Craft glue storyCraft Glue Story

Hello All Lovely People!!

I wasn’t here for a while, not because  I didn’t want to, but because I was trying to restore my “missing” folder  with all my quilled creations… Unfortunately the folder is gone for good 🙁  Ooops!!As some wise Owl said “ I am sure you will have lots of beautiful new makes in no time you are a very talented lady” and I believe her as she belies in my talent 😉

Going back to the topic, Craft Glue Story, maybe I should say craft adhesives story… There are so many different adhesives at the market, that you probably should spend a fortune on them. You know one glue for this, and one glue for that, and before you know it you have 100 different adhesives at home… Hahaha, you know the feeling 🙂 

Before you decide to buy any fancy glue in a very extravagant price read the label, it may save you some money.

As you can see on the picture above these are my favourites adhesives. Don’t worry about the names. They may be not available on your market under those names, but…

  • The Craft Glue is with me since I started my adventure with quilling, and I think it’s one of the best adhesives I ever found.. It’s cheap and easy available. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it. Try to find common PVA glue, it dries fast and clear, it’s washable, save, and it’s perfect for your “paper work”! It’s better then bookbinding glue, ‘cos it doesn’t dry as quick as it, and you still have a time to remove the excess.
  • CR klej is an bookbinding glue. It’s perfect for the gemstones. TESTED!! If you used PVA glue… Oooops!! Your gemstones will fall off…I bought this glue in Poland, but there is a catch ( as always). CR is commonly known as Magic Glue which you can buy in nice but small tubes!!Here in Ireland you can find it as Gemstone Glue. ( I believe is the same as bookbinding glue only under a different marketing name. )Craft glue story
  • Faber-Castell Glue Stick – I have used many glue sticks, but this one is my favourite. It’s washable, dries fast on paper but doesn’t dry out in the package and you can easily rid off the excess when dry. Your works are SAFE and without the visible glue.

Hope this was helpful!



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  1. yes, I am so wise 🙂 I know how sad you must’ve felt to lose all your amazing artwork photos but as I said you will have new beautiful ones in no time 🙂 Thank you for gracing us with your so beautiful and quirky work <3 xx

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