Blooming Tree

Blooming TreeBlooming Tree

We are in the middle of the storm season, and we had a minor storm today (hope it’s over by now) it’s dark, wet and windy and I’m far far away from home!

Oh, it’s not that bad!! But I do miss the SPRING!! The longer brighter days, the wasps in my living room instead of spiders… No, no, no, we’re staying with the longer and brighter days 😉 Because of the continuous night I had some time to clean up my quilling papers (FINALLY!!) and guess what?!Blooming treeI found my salmon paper!! YAY!! and I decided to make my private SPRING!! for a change from 2 mm paper strips ( petals). Centres are made from 5 mm paper strips fringed by my teeny tiny scissors 🙂

Blooming treeNow, I do have my own and private SPRING that I wanted to share with YOU!!


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