Simple Paper Daisy Tutorial

Simple Paper Daisy Tutorial

Simple paper daisy tutorial

Simple Paper Daisy Tutorial

Today I would like to show you, how to make simple paper daisy. It’s not a rocket science but I’m a crappy teacher 😉 Oooops!!

To make my daisy you will need:

1. Floral punch: of course you can use your die cutting machines if you have it!!

2. Scissor: to create centres of the flowers,

3. Embossing tool: or you can use your palm  and finger,

4. Quilling needle: to crease the petals,

5. Quilling slotted tool: to roll fringed paper strips,

6. Tweezers: to put everything together,

7. PVA glue: my favourite kind of glue to work with.

simple paper daisy tutorial

Step 1.

Punch 3 flowers. I used 120 gsm paper.

paper flower tutorial

Step 2.

Use quilling needle ( this is the nicest tool I have to crease tiny petals), embossing too or whatever you have close at hand.

simple paper flower tutorial

Step 3.

Glue all punched flowers together. They should look like those on the picture.

Simple paper daisy tutorial

Step 4.

Use your embossing tool or finger to give your daisy more authentic look.

paper daisy 3D

Step 5.

Now it’s time for some fringing. I used 3 mm paper strip to make my  flower centres. Here you can find my fringing tutorial..

simple paper daisy tutorial

Step 6.

Roll your fringed paper into a small coil. Fold the fringe outwards with your fingers. And Ta Dah!! You just made a wonderful fringes centre 😀

Simple paper daisy tutorial

Step 7.

Put your paper daisy together and enjoy your hard work!!

Simple paper daisy

Congratulations!! You just finished my Simple Paper Daisy Tutorial 😀

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