Unique Wedding Gifts

Unique Wedding Gifts

Unique Wedding GiftsUnique Wedding Gifts…

Easy to say, not so easy to make! Iza’s wedding gifts = stick people newly weds, but not this time 😛 I wasn’t sure what I want to quill and then YES I had an idea!unique wedding giftsI decided to make my special cats ( Thanks Gordana for such a lovely name!). If you’re still wondering what is this round shape, here is a little tip: you can see it in a cloudless sky at night. CORRECT! This is the moon

unique wedding giftsWhen my cats were ready, it was time to quill a frame!OMG!! What kind of flowers should I make and what about the colours! Lots of ideas but finally I made my choice 🙂

Unique wedding giftsWhat do you think?!

Have a nice day!



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  1. 😀 😀 Hi Sherry, nice to see you here! thanks a mill xx and happy quilling!!!

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