Keepsake Shadow Box Frame


keepsake shaddow box frameKeepsake Shadow Box Frame

I made this frame some time ago. This was my first BIG project. You may laugh now, but when you’re making roses 3mm x 3mm and suddenly you have 23cm x 23 cm to cover, believe me this is a HUGE change!!!keepsake shaddow box frame quillingI wouldn’t be me if… Oh yeah! The canna lilies you can see on the picture, are smaller then 1 Euro cent coin 🙂keepsake frame shaddow box quillingI got this beautiful quote to be printed and placed in a frame, but unfortunately I can’t translate it into English, because it’s in Old Polish, but I can tell you that it’s a tribute to all the Mothers of the world.

Ps. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. I didn’t have time to wait for sunny day. Hope you can see everything!!

Here you can find my pinteret board with quilling tutorials.

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