Johnny the Bird – Nursery art

Johnny the Bird – Nursery art

Johny the bird - nursery artMeet my Johnny the Bird – Nursery art

The handsome fella with hearts instead of wings. Incorrigible dreamer and optimist. ( The glass is always half full ). Perfect companion for toddlers and best friend of grown ups!

Johnny the Bird - Nursery art

If you’re wondering what is this yellow spot with a shiny gem in the middle… STOP right now! This is beautiful yellow flower made from crimped paper strip! YES, this is FLOWER!

Johnny the Bird - Nursery art

Johnny is made from 3 mm paper strips ( this is my favourite width ) and he is attached to the heavy card stock. I didn’t try if he is waterproof but for sure he is moist and dust resistant. ( I used special varnish, so no worries ! He will last for a very long time in pristine condition.)

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  1. Very nice to meet you, Johnny the Bird! 🙂 I can’t believe how much sweetness you packed in this frame, Iza! Hearts instead of wings… really, how adorable is that?!

    P.S. Loving the new look of your blog!


  2. How do you do Ma’am. nice to meet you too 😀
    Thank you Manu, I wasn’t sure if this isn’t too much 🙂
    Actually the new blog layout is because of you 😉 I wasn’t happy about my last appearance it wasn’t clear enough but… I was afraid to change anything… when I saw yours blog I thought it’s highest time to make some changes 🙂 THANK YOU! :*


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