Mothers Day Handmade Card

Mothers Day Handmade Card

Mothers Day Handmade Card

Mothers Day Handmade Card

This is one of my custom made Mother’s Day cards. You know how I love to make my little paper people but combination of boy, girl and a heart wasn’t that easy. ( too many hands to carry / support the heart ).

mothers day handmade card

This is standard A6 size card. If you’re wondering if I can make something bigger the answer is: not yet! But someday I will! ( hope so ).

mothers day quilled handmde card

In the mean time I am happy with making my little stick people. ( Maybe I should try a A4 one! Giant stick person. YAY!! )

Have a creative one!



Here you can find some nice quilling tutorials: CLICK

Ps. If my post inspire you to create something similar or you want to use some of my ideas,  at least add an direct link to my work. Creative process is time consuming and each stolen idea discourages me to share my ideas. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Now I am really looking forward to seeing the giant stick person! Meanwhile, it’s always a pleasure to admire the little characters which you so dearly make. Part of their charm definitely has to do with their tiny size.


  2. I even have a giant card stock waiting for better times 😉 Someday! Thank you Manu,these little characters are very dear to me I just love to make them 😀 Maybe it’s the size 😉


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