Cat Valentines Greeting Card

Cat Valentines Greeting Card

Cat Valentines Greeting Card

Yes it is that time of the year Valentine’s day approaching very fast , so it is time to show you my love/loving cat. My black cat will not bring you bad luck. instead of troubles he is carries heart full of love and understanding.

Cat Valentines Greeting Card

I think I just created another Prince Charming 😉

This time I used 5 mm paper strips instead of 3mm and I’m really pleased with the result! It’s amazing how, from only a few paper strips you can create a compete cat portrait 🙂 ( and you still can tell that this  is a cat 😉 it even has a whiskers!).

Cat Valentines Greeting Card

Nope, definitely this is cat not the Prince Charming.. But maybe this card will be given to you by your own Prince Charming!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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  1. I’m VERY new to quilling….I just received my quilling for beginners kit!
    I came across your work and absolutely love the simple lines that become a truly lovely cards. Your designs are my cut of tea!
    I want to TRY and make this cat for my husband, who came to a 2 hour quilling class with me!!!
    My question is, for the paws of the cat, did you make a separate teardrop coil….it looks so perfect that I’m sure you just rolled the bottom of the strip into the paws and squeezed….
    I’m am in NO WAY making anything to sell (or even brag about, at my skill level ) it is purely a hobby.

    Thanks Iza ❤

    1. Hello
      Christina, youre absolutely right this is a separate teardrop coil 🙂 and you have a wonderful hubby!! You have to make him something special 🙂
      Thanks for a very kind words and good luck with quilling adventure!
      Happy quilling,

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