Quilled Peacock

Quilled Peacock

Quilled peacockQuilled Peacock

Meet Fred the Proud Peacock. He is not the biggest quilled peacock and is only 8 cm long/tall, but he is really proud bird! He is made of 3 mm paper strips. Some of them are hollow foil strips. I know you can see this, but you have to believe me 🙂 I wish we can have more sunny days here!

quilled peacock

It was not easy to make something THAT small and so detailed. Apparently I have a teeny tiny fingers! The worst part was the tail. I picked a wrong paper and had some never-ending story with gluing all the pieces together…

quilled peacock

Third time lucky! Finally I dared to change my shiny paper strips to ordinary one and Ta dah!! The tail was ready!

Now you can enjoy my Fred the Proud Peacock in all its glory 😀

Thank you for your time! Have a nice and creative one!



Here you can find some nice quilling tutorials: CLICK
Ps. If my post inspire you to create something similar or you want to use some of my ideas,  at least add an direct link to my work. Creative process is time consuming and each stolen idea discourages me to share my ideas. Thank you for your understanding.

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