Custom Made Cat

custom made catCustom Made Cat

I promised to show this card in March, and here it is!  Psst, I’m the cat lover ( maybe not the crazy one yet, but give me some time ;)) I’m sure you didn’t noticed it 😀 To be honest this was my first card, where I combined embossing and quilling. Looks great but how to stick the paper strips to the mountainous landscape. My advise: give it some time and be even more patient. custom made catOh my, who can be more patient then quiller 😉

After all my worries, card was ready and I really enjoy it! Maybe it’s not perfect but it’s handmade. My hands aren’t perfect and still learning!

Custom made catHave a nice day!


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    1. Oh my! I become a crazy cat lover 😉 Thanks Gordana!! Maybe it’s time to quill some more 😉

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