Story of some Scissors

To be more specific, story of craft scissors. Over the years ( it’s been only 3,5 yrs) I was looking for the perfect ones… I almost lost, but finally I found these marvels 🙂


If you were trying the titanium scissor with soft grip and you were so pleased with them, and suddenly the soft grip was gone , but you still have the titanium blade these will be perfect for you!!

If your fingers go numb after a few hours of cutting you’ll love the tweezer scissors.


If you like something unusual, sharp and elegant, you should try these scissors. I love to work with them, because you can cut really small objects with high accuracy.

IMG_8481 copy

These scissor are well known brands ( Westcott and Victorinox ) and  somehow they are still helping me with my work 😀


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  1. Hhhhmmmm! I agree with you here. Good scissors are very important.
    I have a collection of quilling tweezers….because I “lost” them easily or it is buried under a pile of tools, strips and papers. When I finally give up looking for it, I desperately purchase a new one……and the older tweezer show up mysteriously! I wonder this happens to any of our crafters or is this just me?

    1. I’m trying to put my scissors in one place, but I have to pairs, so when scissors no 1 are missing I can still quilling and I have time to find them, but then… suddenly scissors no 2 are missing 😉

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