Click on the pictures below and have fun!!! Happy quilling!!

Begginer Quilling Instructions
Basic Quilling Shapes and Basic Quilling Tools – Click on the picture
Purple flower quilling tutorial
How to Make – Click on the picture
Tutorial - two tones flower
How to make – Click on the picture
Fringed flower tutorial
How to make fringed flowers – Click on the picture.
Simple paper daisy
How to make paper daisy – Click on the picture
Quilling tutorials on pinterest
My Pinterest Board with Tutorials – Click on the picture

Here you can find more of my tutorials: CLICK

Ps. If my post inspire you to create something similar or you want to use some of my ideas,  at least add an direct link to my work. Creative process is time consuming and each stolen idea discourages me to share my ideas. Thank you for your understanding.

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