Love You Mom Cute Greeting Card

Love You Mom Cute Greeting Card

Love You Mom Cute Greeting Card

Who does not  love cute  little blonde girls. Especially when they are wearing a sweet pink dresses 🙂 Impossible!!

 Love You Mom Cute Greeting Card

If a little blonde girl in pink is so cute, what about adding a real heart to this picture. Isn’t she even sweeter now?!

My Mom would have love this card, as I do. Unfortunately I have a massive problems with copycats. People are stealing my ideas ( especially the ones with stick people ) and selling them as their own. This is very sad and believe me this is very uncomfortable for me. Maybe my cards are not the most complicated ones but it is not easy to design something so simple and cute at the same time. I do not mind if you wont yo use my designs for your personal use, but I do mind if you are making money out of it! I have to pay my bill as well!! Ok enough with grumbling!

Mom's greeting card

Have a great and creative day!




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  1. that’s funny about quilling a lot with pink. I don’t wear pink, don’t have anything in my house that is pink….am not a pink person per-say but I quill (a lot) with pink (and green too). I try to use other colours but seem to go for the pink.

    love your card by the way…

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