Paper Earrings

Paper earringsPaper earrings

 There is a funny thing with my earrings… I love to make them but I hate to wear them 🙂 Not because they’re big or heavy but… I keep forgetting about them!!   Ha ha ha, that is true! When my Mom gave me a nice piece of jewelry I’ve always lost it or miraculously multiplied it 😛 Yep. that’s me! The clumsy destroyer. paper earringsNow you must be wondering how it’s possible, that person like me can make such a fragile things but… God moves in a mysterious ways 😉

I made this earrings in beehive technique. If you want to know how it works click here.

And the most popular part , how to make them moist and dust resistant! click here.

I almost forgot, that I wanted to show you how big my earrings are, hope my picture with one Euro cent is enough 🙂

Paper earringsHugs



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