Sending Owl My Love

Sending Owl My Love

owl my love

Sending Owl my love!! Hooot Hooot!!

This is my second post in 2015, hope it’s not the last one 😉 I need more time!!!

As you can see my love owl back on my work table. I really adore this creatures, maybe because they can see in the dark and I can’t. Useful skill especially Ireland. Unfortunately we have loads of rain and our days are very dark.

Owl my love

Sending Owl my love card is made from 3 mm paper strips. I don’t know if you can see it but Mr. Owls body is made from two different orange shades. YES, wings are darker then the body.

owl my love

And the heart! Mr. Owl is giving you all he have. You have to love him! Look into his adorable heart shaped eyes. All you can see is LOVE!! Definitely all you need is love 🙂

Happy quilling!



By the way, Mr. Owl is available in my etsy store 🙂

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